DOG TREATS.  Illustrations by Tony Ross.  Little, Brown, 2014.

Man’s best friend comes in a bewildering variety of shapes,, sizes, moods and mentalities.  CM introduces us to three dozen assorted enizens of the canine community – with  a sideways glance at some of the owners along the way. Journeying from Camp Bastion to West Wittering via a sunny Greek island, he encounters comedy, tragedy and personalities great and small.

Exuberant rear-fixated puppies and Hollywood fashion accessory pets mingle with world weary but dignified strays, war heroes, a psychotic Great Dane called Cher Bébé,  and a spaniel of distinguished theatrical lineage who is suffering from a bad case of Uggie-envy.

And in constant attendance is Man, with hius sentimentality, his shirt attention soan, his mistaken sense of authority, and hios propensity for thinking uo extrenelt silly names.


'Christopher Matthew puts the dog back into doggerel in this charming collection of verse about man’s best friend...You must get this slyly wise and witty book.'  Roger Lewis,  Daily Mail.


'A gem of a book that will appeal to dog lovers and fans of social satire alike.  Best in show.'  The Lady.


'You have covered every canine angle; wonderful variety, many emotions, but never soppiness.'  Oliver Pritchett.


'Loving Dog Treats.'  Hugh Bonneville