A Different World: Stories of Great Hotels, Paddington Press (1974)

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Diary of a Somebody, Hutchinson (1978)

Loosely Engaged, Hutchinson (1980)

The Long-Haired Boy, Hamish Hamilton (1980)

The Crisp Report, Hutchinson (1981)

The Junket Man, Arrow (1983)

How to Survive Middle Age, Pavilion Books (1983)

Family Matters, Hodder & Stoughton (1987)

The Amber Room, Sinclair-Stevenson (1995)

Now We Are Sixty, John Murray (1999)

Knocking On, John Murray (2001)

Now We Are Sixty (and a Bit), John Murray (2003)

Summoned by Balls, John Murray (2005)

When We Were Fifty, John Murray (2007)

The Old Man and the Knee, Little, Brown (2017). Paperback, Abacus (2018)

Now We Are Sixty: 20th Anniversary Edition, John Murray (2019)

A Triple-Decker Treat: Collected Poems for Old Dogs and Young Hearts, Abacus (2019)