THE JUNKET MAN.  Arrow, 1983.



Freelance journalist Roger Noakes likes the sound of the Inaugural Weekend at Hatching Park, courtesy of Blue Blood Tours.  Drinks on the Terrace, perhaps a spot of mah-jong and civilized conversation with Sir George and Lady Fox-Bronzing after dinner… It sounds just his kind of junket.

But, then, Roger has not reckoned with the most unlikely and ill-assorted gaggle of drunken, lascivious travel writers ever to gather at a stately home. Or that Lady Fox-Bronzing would decide that the man to sire a son and heir for the threatened Fox-Bronzing dynasty is one Roger Noakes…



Hilarious and horrifying. Elizabeth Berridge, Daily Telegraph


An aggreable palliative for a nasty bout of 'flu if you happen not to have a Wodehouse handy. Penelope Lively, Sunday Telegraph